I would like to thank you for entering my website, you have conquered your fears and have decided to bring a positive change to your life.

My purpose is to introduce you to an environment where you will be free to challenge your negativities and become the super-YOU that is hibernating in you.
The information that you will read on this website is an outline of my extensive academic knowledge, practical psychotherapeutic skills and experiences, as well as the life lessons i have had the privilege to draw through my experiences.

It is my sincere and ultimate objective to help you become a super-YOU!

« Those who wished to refine their persons first balanced their minds » Confucius, in The Great Learning.

Samdimampita Razafimbola


Mr. Razafimbola has really given me a new way to look at setbacks of life, i feel free and empowered! Thank you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Quote of the week

« The best years of your life is the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You realize that you control your own destiny. » - Albert Ellis