« If you desire to be good, begin by believing that you are wicked. » Epictetus.


The Person

Although I am a born-to-be psychologist, I have always been open to new experiences, and always attempted to make the best of them.

I have worked as a junior lecturer at a private tertiary institution in Antananarivo, as a bartender in vibrant venues around South Africa, and as a territory manager for a leading global oil company at their Madagascar's unit. I am fluent in English, French, and Malagasy.

I look for positive experiences in everything I do, and I strive to learn from all the negative experiences in the best way possible.

Since I firmly believe in the old saying: « an healthy mind in an healthy body », I still play basketball four times a week and my love for the game keeps growing.

I am truly convinced that all people deserve their share of happiness, and my purpose is to help you find the path to yours.

The Professional


I must have been 16 when I decided I wanted to be a psychologist. So I went on studying psychology and graduated from Rhodes University.
My degree in psychology in hand, I went on to obtain all my licences to practice as a counseling psychologist and industrial psychologist.
I also worked as an intern in a psychiatric institution and a counseling center, and my time in the corporate world has taught me skills I can add in my therapeutic perspectives.

My therapeutic approach is rooted within Stoic philosophies, and I strive to draw wisdom and learnings from the kinds of Confucius, Laoze, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.
Hence, my approach is behavior-orientated and I believe that emotions, cognitions, and behaviors are the three key facets that determine a person's well-being, and thus, are the primary objects and subjects of my therapies.

My methods are also hands-on and client-centered, and i will make every possible effort to make you feel comfortable and tailor each session to your needs.

I have recently started to write books and i have published my first work on applied sport psychology in November 2011.